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“The future of the media production industry is happening now” – Led Unit Team

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LED Unit studio is one of the largest European facilities of the virtual production technology with latest software and hardware solutions

The combination of game engine technology and photorealistic 3d environment makes the creation of spatial imagery beyond the current state of the film production. The background can dynamically update to match the perspectives and parallax the camera is recording in real life. The huge LED panels support the scene with actual lighting to produce the natural setting and reflections.

The main aspect shooting at “LED UNIT” virtual production facility is to have a consistent synced world mapped onto a vast array of LED screens, such that the view from the camera is always correct. This requires both working inside a motion tracking volume and having a crew and powerful render nodes access the one virtual environment setup.

Max Pavlov, CEO of LED UNIT: A spacious area of 1500 m2 (16,146 sq ft), the site also features in-house lights and grip rentals, a production office, make up/wardrobe rooms, a client lounge, WC, shower rooms, and a smoke extraction system.


The latest technological breakthrough enabled a completely new way of producing films, tv shows and commercials

Our real-time rendering, live camera tracking hardware and LED technology work as a backdrop and as the environment lighting for the actors and prop. The camera is immersed inside a virtual environment which responds to its movement and supports the scene with actual lighting to produce the natural setting;

  • Saves money on crew travel & company moves
  • Gives full control of day light, seasons and weather conditions
  • Reduces COVID19 production risks
  • Makes possible to shoot at multiple locations on the same day
  • Custom made LED panels LUTM specially designed for virtual production technology

Max Pavlov, CEO of LED UNIT: “We are the custom built virtual production studio – one of the largest European facilities with the latest software and hardware solutions. In-house camera and lighting rental give us an opportunity to provide our future partners full package deals. Our engineers are ones of the world leading experts in Virtual Productions, Digital Humans, Stereography, VR/AR, MR, XR, Location Based Entertainment, UI/UX, Direct Manipulation, IoT, and Computer Vision and Real-time engines.”



The huge physical stage with latest hardware and giant high quality LED volume allows to host any type of the Hollywood level production. Led Unit VFX vendors from Easter Europe will provide the most cost effective 3D environments for Your Virtual Production.


Our LED technology in combination with new facility and hospitality will bring your product/service presentation into to the next level.
Ready solutions for: Keynote Presentations/ Music / Fashion/ Comedy events / VIP Presentations


Cost effective, “all in one” special offer for simple Music videos and TV Commercial productions includes:

  • Soundstage, make up rooms, client lounge
  • Virtual Technology Studio, Hardware and VP engineers
  • One virtual environment development
  • Soundstage, make up rooms, client lounge
  • Basic Camera and Light Equipment
  • Basic film crew

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