Virtual Production Studio

For film, advertising and music videos

Virtual Production Studio

For film, advertising and music videos

About us

Virtual Production is revolutionizing the industry

" Virtual Production has been already used on over 160 major motion pictures and episodic TV shows "

Epic Games

01. Flexibility

Shoot in the most remote, inaccessible and inhospitable environments imaginable – all in the comfort and safety of a warm, luxurious, fully equipped and catered hospitality suite.

02. Sustainability

The latest technological breakthrough enabled a completely new way of producing films, tv shows and commercials

03. Cost Reduction

LEDunit VFX vendors from Eastern Europe will provide the most cost effective 3D Environments for your Virtual Production.

LED Volume

  • 32m x 5m Curved 180° Wall
  • 100m² Trapezoid Ceiling
  • 16bit Grayscale
  • HDR10 Ready
  • Genlock


  • Mo-Sys Optical Camera Tracking
  • Unreal Engine 4.27
  • Custom Render Cluster with 5x RTX A6000
  • 3x Brainbar Workstations
  • Master Clock


  • 1500m² Studio
  • 160kw Power
  • Smoke Extraction System
  • In-House Lights & Grip / Stage Flats
  • Make-up / Wardrobe / Production Rooms

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LED Pixels


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Trapezoid Ceiling



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